New Project of Mine

 I have decided to come up with a new project for myself to do. Since I have a bit of extra time here and there, and I love writing… I have decided to start writing a novel!

I have been working on themes, plot outline, and character building so far, and it has been quite entertaining being so creative like this. I really enjoy it!

In the picture to the left, you can see a few of my plans already. I have TONS of great ideas, so I am hoping this will be a fun-filled novel. I hope it can keep readers’ attention, and they will want to read it right to the end!

It is going to take a lot of work and time, but I think it will be really worth it. I will even post it up here on my site once complete! :o)

Well, that’s all for now. I just thought that I would share my new ‘project’ idea with you guys!

Until next time,



2 comments on “New Project of Mine

  1. If you are interested in writing a best selling book you need to contact me…..

    I am a woman who at the time I was living alone was the target of criminal harasement in the form of gang stalking. I was receiving threats from co-workers that they “would do what ever it takes to get you job” along with death threats, property damage, home invasions, car break ins, stalking by a gang and much more………I ended up on sick leave from an attempted murder on my life. Not surprised I found your web site. I have been looking for a co-author. To put this on paper in the form of a book will provide healing and help me let go. Need a co-author to help with the focus of writing a book and not get caught in the spiral of anger and hurt. (Not to mention writing is not my best area of interest)…..I am interested in the healing side……

    I look forward to hearing from you immediately! Writing a book based on a true story will result in a best seller easily! Especially when you look at the number of reports of “Criminal gang stalking” incidents world wide.

    That you are a very whole hearted spiritual person makes us a good match!

    Blessings of love and light! Now I know why I was drawn to your web site!

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