Losing A Loved One Quotes

Here are a couple quotes to help people through the grieving process after a death has occurred. I hope that these quotes can help at least a little bit. Also, know that during this time, you are not alone. <3









30 comments on “Losing A Loved One Quotes

  1. Thank you, just saved one of the quotes, about the stars, and posted it on a facebook friend’s wall.

    My mother always told me that when people die, they go up to heaven and become the stars that watch over us…(I was 2 at the time…)

  2. Beautiful quotes.. just lost a cousin this morning. Very young age… and lost 13 good friends last year.. (not all at once, throught the year) … so thanks for sharing. Very comforting. ..<3

  3. Life can be very dis pleasing especially when we
    loose the ones we love and cherish so much. In this
    kind of situation where one loses his/her soul mate
    there are several dangers engage in it. One may no
    longer be able to do the things he was doing before
    then success will be very scarce and happiness will
    be rare. That person was created to be with you for
    without him things may fall apart.That was my
    experience late last year, but thank God today i am
    happy with him again. all thanks to dr omamen, i
    was nearly loosing hope until i saw an article on
    how dr omamen casted a love spell to make lovers
    come back. There is no harm in trying, i said to
    myself. I contacted him via email:
    omamenspiritualtemple@gmail.com Words will not be enough to
    appreciate what he has done for me. i have
    promised to share the good news as long as i live.

    • Dear Ruth,

      Do you mind share what exactly did he do for you? Was it the same love spell he did in that article? was the person the same or just a new person with his personality?

  4. No one had passed away, but left me with me, myself and a husband who has said that he hates me. A broken heart can never heal going through this unless it is death. I believe I will come back to guide my children through life.

  5. I met a man in April this year (2013) I’m in South Africa he’s from Scotland, I finally met the man of my dreams, my soulmate, and after a miserable 16year marriage he was a fresh breeze and he healed a lot of hurt and sadness, I was happy again, I was extatic!! We spoke every day all day until the early hours of morning on instant message, and he called every night, oh that Scottish accent!! and finally he was going to come visit, and exactly 2 weeks on the day before his visit I got a call from his phone around 10 am and it was a paramedic, my love, my life was in an motor vehicle accident, I spoke to him, 3 sentences and he lost conciousness, and died in hospital later, I was, I am still devestated, I didn’t get to go to his funeral, I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I was the last person he spoke to. Its nearly 6months since that horrific day on the 10th of June and I am still dumbstruck, I am still in the worst grieve I have experienced in my life, the physical pain of losing him is just too much to take, I don’t want to be without him, I am not healing, I can’t let go of this beautifull, funny, caring, loving man. I just don’t know how to go on???!!!!……

  6. “We are all visitors to this time, this place. we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.”

  7. Thank you! This bring comfort to my heart, I been missing my mom, more lately. She JESUS came took home to be with him in heaven 8 month ago, Jesus need her up in heaven.

  8. I just lost my Niece Angela and I will miss her dearly. I’m thankful for this saying. I think of her every time I see it. Is it possible to post in on Facebook in her honor. I’m sick with COPD AND a Gallbladder drain tube and bag and I can’t travel 500 miles for her funeral.

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