Guest Book

Please feel free to leave any comments below about the blog, myself, or anything in particular. I always love feedback, and would appreciate any comments.

You can include things like your name, website address, and any comments you might have.


6 comments on “Guest Book

  1. Hey!

    Love your site – it’s very entertaining to read through your blog posts! Plus, you have such a variety of topics, it’s great! Keep up the good work.

    Melissa M.

  2. Jen,

    The best thing that has ever happened to me, My favorite mistake, the one who got away. The angel to my nightmares, I awake every morning, thinking of your love, having dreams of you all night, the pain of separation searing my heart every time a site or smell brings back the nostalgia of our last encounter. Daydreaming, constantly thinking “I wish you were here so I could share this moment” even when watching Family Guy or doing the dishes. The consuming fire within my heart for even one more moment with you that defies rational thought, knowing full well, one moment would never be enough, yearning for eternity together. The only girl I’ve ever truly loved and will always miss…. You Know Who You Are…

    Where is Jen? I really miss her…. :(

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